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Have you ever traveled to foreign countries? And really enjoyed the adventure of seeing different lifestyles, cultures, beautiful sights, experienced different cuisines? Following your dream of being free to go where you want to, but just don’t know how to do it? How can you afford such an adventure year around, where would you go, how long can you travel with your funds, understanding visa requirements, knowing what kind of health insurance you should have or have any at all?IMG_3214.jpg I have always had a desire to see South East Asia. So last November I went to Thailand to find out if this was my new country to call home. After arriving in Bangkok, I knew insistently Bangkok wasn’t my kind of place, too many people, cars, motorbikes, too much traffic. The BTS Skytrain is like a cattle cars packing in people at each stop, some get off and more get on, it really is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Bangkok was fun to visit, but I’m not a city person.peter-hershey-192003-unsplashThe beautiful architecture of Bangkok, the food is delicious, the women are beautiful, everyone is smiling and friendly. The night market is a must adventure.zach-inglis-739062-unsplash.jpgMany beautiful temples in and around the city. They are works of art, and some are centuries old.pexels-photo-460376.jpegWe traveled to Chaing Mai a more relaxed city. We were there for their yearly celebration of Loy Kathrong. Which is during holidays that coincide with the Yi Peng Festival (Chiangmai Lantern Festival). This happens during the full moon of November.  We bought ourselves a large sky lantern from one of the many vendors clustered around the riverfront area, writing a prayer, wishings, offerings to God on the sides of the rice paper lantern. The sky lanterns are made from rice paper, stretched over a lightweight bamboo frame. We found our way to the riverside to lit the candles and incense in our small Krathongs we made of a slice of banana leaf-shaped as a boat held together with toothpicks, decorated it with flowers, candles, and incense and lighting the candle making our wish, releasing it from the riverbank.

macha-bucha.jpgWe next prepared and lit up our sky lantern and watch it float up into the night sky. Holding it low until the wax wad heats up the air within the lantern it raises slightly until it wants to take off on its own. It was a beautiful sight to behold as thousands of other sky lanterns floated up in the clear night sky with a full moon. A very auspicious event, the energy of thousands of people with the same intention of releasing the past looking forward to peace within.Festival Chiang Mai Day Light Loy Krathong CliffordChaing Mai has many sights to visit and elephant reserves. The one we choose was with 2 mother elephants and their two babies. One of the babies was 6 months old, and the other was only 30 days old.IMG_3165.jpgShe was so cute, this 250 lb baby trying to curl up in your lap wrapping her trunk around me. Such an amazing feeling. We wanted to take her home, but she would get so much bigger, and they do eat quite a lot each day and where were we going to put her? Much too large for our suitcase. So we decided to let her stay with her mother and just come to visit. fancycrave-284224-unsplash1.jpgThis was my initiation to traveling, and I was addicted. I wanted more but how was I going to be able to move about the year around to my desired destinations in South East Asia?sipidan-kapalai-water-village-1379362-1280x9602.jpgI went home and read of others traveling as they pleased, anywhere in the world.
IMG_0572.jpgHow was I going to afford it? To actually leave my home, family, friends, possession?
I have been reading other blogs about how to live a life of a media Nomad as they are called. How to make money as a media nomad, and they say, just do it. Make a plan, collect the money you need for an airline ticket to your destination in mind and enough to survive until you get your plan in a play, of making money.img_0587-e1534336551915.jpg
Many countries want and need people to teach English, and they pay handsomely. All you need is a BA degree. Doesn’t need to be in English, can be any major. Or if you can work from home, than anywhere in the world can be your office, or get a job doing what you do best. There is a lot of different ways to money-making ventures to get involved in, meeting people and talking, maybe help them to sell their idea online without having to touch any product, or discovering an idea you have to make money. If there is a will, there is a way to accomplish your dream. All of which are ways to make money each month and the more you do it, the more you can make.lin-mei-159435-unsplash.jpgI, unfortunately, don’t have a degree or a career I can go anywhere to make money. I do have Social Security check coming in each month that I can live on in an inexpensive country. And a saving account, not a lot but enough to get me by for a couple of yrs if my SS isn’t enough. So I thought about it, researched different countries cost of living and if their climate is what I’m accustomed too and talking to other Expats living there, I decided on Vietnam.daniel-marchal-398161-unsplash.jpgWith my destination in mind, when do I go and what do I have to do to make this real for me. Talking to other people about this, one lady told me her husband and herself went to India for 3 yrs where her husband worked for a computer company. and others with similar stories and all said the same thing, “stop thinking about it, just do it.” So one day as I researched more I decided just to do it and went on online and found the cheapest best rate to Vietnam and purchased my ticket.airplane.jpgAfter making this decision, people, friends started coming out of the woodwork introducing me to their friends that live there, contacting them and gathering info about visas, places to go and see. It was the feeling of being in the flow like I made the correct decision and everything was falling into place.choeung-ek-cambodia.jpgThe people I was introduced to told me to just come, relax, get used to the country, travel around find where you want to live, all your questions will be answered.


Follow your dream.


The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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